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Shandong Liaocheng No.2 Middle School

Shandong Liaocheng No.2 Middle School is located in the new urban planning center.It was established in 1951, has convenient transportation and beautiful environment.Its main campus is located beside the beautiful river -- Tudor River.It is one of the first batch of key middle schools in Shandong Province. It is‘Provincial standardized school’ and  ‘Shandong art education demonstration school’. It is located at 6,Chenzhuang Road, Dongchang District, Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China.
There are more than 6000 students and 306 faculty members in the school. The school has strong teaching staff including one premium teacher, one renowned teacher in Shuicheng, and three renowned ones in Dongchang. 79 teachers won national, provincial and municipal honorary titles. The school has trained 533 masters,doctors and post-doctoral researchers for the country.

In recent years, the admission rate of university entrance examinations for Liaocheng No.2 middle school has risen sharply.It ranked the first in the comprehensive high school evaluation organized by the Municipal Education Bureau.

For the students actual situation, Liaocheng No.2 middle school implements multilevel, low focus and high efficiency school-localized teaching materials.

The essence of school localized teaching material is to localize the content of text book. Groups of each subject  will prepare for class at the beginning of semester, review teaching contents of the whole semester, determine key points and difficulties of each chapter, and make school localized teaching materials suitable for all types of students.

In order to solve students’ “Not Enough to Learn” and “Too Much to Learn” problem, the school emphasizes that teaching materials should be set as multilevel to ensure that every student can master the basic knowledge, foster basic ability of subjects, and improve the excellent rate while ensuring the pass rate.

The school localized teaching materials apply to all students, emphasizing ‘low focus’, which means teaching material’s difficulty and ability level requirement shall apply for all students, enabling students of lower level to obtain and enjoy from learning.

The highly efficiency of the school localized teaching material enables students to quickly understand the content learned in class, determine the difficulties and the key points at class, timely detect, feedback and find blind spots of knowledge and thinking, and correct the errors immediately the first time.

The continuous development of the school has been highly valued and personally guided by the leaders of the province and municipalities, and has received wide concern and praise from all walks of life. The school has been awarded "Shandong Province Art Education Demonstration School", "Shandong Province Youth Work Advanced Unit", "Shandong Province Pilot Recruitment Outstanding School", "Liaocheng College Entrance Examination Outstanding School", "Liaocheng High School Experimental Teaching Advanced Unit", "Liaocheng Moral Education Advanced School, "Liaocheng Target Management Outstanding Unit", "Liaocheng Teachers' Moral Construction Top Ten Unit", "Liaocheng Renowned Teachers Program Demonstration School". In 2004, the school was named "Provincial Standardized School" by Shandong Provincial Department of Education; in 2008, it was awarded ‘Provincial Demonstration School’.

In 2012, Shandong Liaocheng No. 2 Middle School was elected as "2012 National Characteristic Schools with the Most Connotation" at the first ‘National Most Characteristic High Schools’ conference.