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Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School of Tianqiao District

Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School of Tianqiao District is a 12-year boarding private school approved by the local education authority.
Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School is located in the urban area of Jinan, on its south side is Lanxiang Middle Road, on the north side 2nd Ring North Road. Its transportation is convenient and the geographic location is extremely superior. The school covers an area of 205 acres, with a construction area of 110000 square meters and a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan.

The school has teaching area, sports area and living area, and the environment is beautiful. The school is equipped according to the standards of Shandong provincial-level standardized school, and it has built 11 high-standard comprehensive buildings for teaching, dormitory, canteens, indoor sports halls and other functions. The school also has modern multimedia classrooms, audio-visual classrooms, English theaters, taekwondo halls, fencing halls, maker studios, robot room, drone rooms, AR classrooms, geographic garden and other special function rooms available to provide students with a variety selection of courses.
Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School cooperates with famous universities, teaching and research institutions from all over the world, and leads the development of school with the most advanced educational concepts and experiences, and builds a high-level platform for students.
Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School implements a ‘Four-all’ education model: all boarding system, all faculty taking part in teaching, all-day service, and all students are educated. It is service-oriented, from learning to life, from time to space, lets students “have both physical and mental health and grow up happily”.
Jinan Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School has a high-level management team which composed of well-known primary and middle school principals, a core team of well-known academic leaders from all walks of life, and a highly responsible and caring logistics team to provide strong and comprehensive  support for students’ health growth.

The school focuses on the three training goals of ‘family-nation feeling, modern literacy, international vision’. In order to promote students' comprehensive and individuality development, the school takes quality as the core content, takes responsibility education as the starting point, implements bilingual education, small class teaching, highlighting humanities and science courses, attaches importance to information courses, arts courses and international courses, which will foster students as world citizens with Chinese souls.
Affection Yellow River, soul of nation. The school is close to the Yellow River. It insists on “pragmatic, pluralistic and refined” Yellow River spirit. It is based on the principle of “Self-improvement, Keep Learning”. In accordance with the principles of centennial education, centennial brand and centennial talent training, the school follows the rules of education. Be strict, practical, refined, and innovative, the school will fully build a model of quality education, and establish a new banner of Chinese private education.