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Hebei Zhengding High School

Hebei Zhengding High School commits an educational concept of “Enlightening Teaching, Quality Education” and a principle of “Hundred-Year Plan, Education First”, the School combines the traditional advantages of Chinese basic education and the essence of world’s advanced education, takes on the road of distinct and international way, provides students’ tailored and ordered education service, fostering excellent international students with Chinese and western literacy. The School has developed a mature educational system consisting of middle school, study abroad and preparatory programs leading up to universities.  

Hebei Zhengding High School has developed overseas study connections with many mainstream countries in the world, and established a complete and professional overseas study system. The School has set up inter-school communication relationship with more than a dozen of countries and regions in the world. Through holding University Day of World Famous Universities and International Cultural Festival and other activities, the International Department of Hebei Zhengding High School has made a step forward towards building an international and harmonious campus.  

Hebei Zhengding High School now has preparatory courses for undergraduate degree in main English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada and UK, and is setting up preparatory courses for universities in France, Germany, Spain, Japan and South Korea. With the ongoing introduction of foreign programs, improvement in teaching level and advancement in education performance, Hebei Zhengding High School has been recognized and well received by foreign educational authorities, international educational organizations as well as top international universities, it also is a cooperation partner of Queensland in Australia.    
As the search and accumulation on international education go, Hebei Zhengding High School will advance its international and professional level, while maintaining its century-old serious culture and strong Chinese basic education roots, the School encompasses the elite of Chinese and western education. The School will carry forward and give light to China’s long history, culture and educational tradition, to create a fresh, tolerant and international multicultural environment for the educated of different nationality, ethic and skin color.