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Huizhou No.1 Middle School Experimental School

Huizhou No.1 Middle School Experimental School in Guangdong Province, invested at RMB360 million by Yuandong Group Huizhou Hope Education Investment Company, is a 12-year system private school with high start point, high standard, modernity and speciality by top provincial level standard. The School is located at Dongping in downtown Huizhou City, surrounded by three rivers and beautiful environment, it enjoys convenient traffic, mature communities, collection of talents, and is a treasure land for school running, teaching and learning.  

Huizhou No.1 Middle School Experimental School covers an area of 68977 sq.meters, housing around 83000 sq.m building area. It now has an administration building, six teaching buildings, two teaching office buildings, one experiment building, one art building, one complex building, three student dormitory buildings equipped with air conditioners, cooling and hot water, direct drink water and washing machines, one teachers’ apartment, as well as a large canteen, wind and rainproof playground, badminton hall, football court and report hall, library, and in particular,a large underground parking lot. The School is a fully functioning and well equipped modern school.  

With backbone teachers from Huizhou No. 1 Middle School, Huizhou Hua Luogeng Middle School and teachers selected by Huicheng District Education as the key management team, with the senior renowned teachers from Huizhou No. 1 Middle School as the guidance team, based on a teaching demonstration team encompassing the outstanding teachers from southern Guangdong, chief teachers from Huizhou and the outstanding teachers from primary and middle schools in Huicheng District, together with teachers recruited from nationwide of professional, speciality and innovative type, the School builds an outstanding teaching group with strong strength. Huizhou No. 1 Middle School now has 7 teaches with senior professional technical qualifications, 22 with moderate technical qualification, 1 outstanding teacher nationwide, 1 outstanding teacher in Southern Guangdong Province, 2 chief teachers in Huizhou City, 5 outstanding teachers in Huizhou City and 8 outstanding teachers in Huicheng District. Strong teaching qualifications and Yuandong Group the steady supporter, along with elegant and comfortable campus environment, modern teaching facilities, as is so-called win-win cooperation, enable Huizhou No. 1 Middle School to emerge as one of the leading private schools in Huizhou.