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Shenzhen Mingde Foreign Language Experimental School

Shenzhen Mingde Foreign Language Experimental School was founded in September 2004, as a new type of private school including kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high school, it is located in Gonghe Community, Shajing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. Close to the western sea pastoral scenic area, near Shenzhen Airport, the School enjoys beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

The school consists of such four separate campuses as middle school, primary school, No.1 kindergarten and No.2 kindergarten, covers an area of 61000 square meters with 58000 square meters’ building area. It has 4300 students. Since the school was started, it has been awarded the title of “Advanced Professional Collective for the Construction of Teachers' Morality”, “Prize for Comprehensive Management Quality of Private Schools” and “Excellent Unit for Campus Culture Building”. In 2008, the school was upgraded as the first-grade school in Shenzhen.    

Shenzhen Mingde Foreign Language Experimental School has been well-designed and constructed according to the standards of the first-grade schools in Guangdong Province, China. It has 6 teaching buildings, 1 student dormitory building, 3 teaching staff quarters, 2 high-standard sports fields and 2 children's playgrounds.

The school also has physical, chemical and biological laboratory, voice room, multimedia classroom, network classroom, physique room, music room, art room, library and other functional rooms equipped with advanced equipment. All the classrooms are equipped with multimedia platform and large background projector, and all the teaching facilities are readily available.

The teaching quality of Shenzhen Mingde Foreign Language Experimental School has risen sharply. The primary school takes the lead among similar schools in graduating class tests; the number students taking the high school entrance examination has increased year by year, entering the forefront of similar schools; the college entrance examination rate has exceeded the tasks assigned by the education departments, and there are dozens of students entering the top 100 of single subject in the college entrance examination in Baoan District this year. Students achieved excellent results in the national high school biology, physics and chemistry competitions, also receive the first prize for Biology in Shenzhen. The quality of teaching in our school has shown a strong upward trend.

Shenzhen Mingde Foreign Language Experimental School takes “Serving society and seeking excellence” as its educational mission, and takes “Be Reasonable, Moral, Knowledgeable and Earnest” as its educational vision, and builds its own characteristics of running the school based on "Foreign language" and “Experiment" to achieve the goal of “We have what others do not have, we excel at what others have”. The school takes the pilot English teaching as a breakthrough and seeks ways and methods of teaching reform actively. Our school is the experimental base of China’s Basic English Quality Education, and receives direct guidance from the National Foreign Language Education Research Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University.