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Shandong Changle No.1 Middle School

Shandong Changle No.1 Middle School was founded in 1938, located in the west foothill of the beautiful Wansong Mountain in Changle city. It has 170 classes and more than 8650 students on campus. The school is a provincial key middle school, a provincial standardized school, a provincial civilized unit, and a national wisdom education program demonstration base, the country's first naval youth aviation school founded, national primary and secondary school of national defense education, national primary and secondary school of soccer. In the past 80 years, the school has trained tens of thousands of outstanding students represented by Liu Zhenxing and Liu Yixun, two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which have had a wide-ranging influence in society.

In recent years, the school has conscientiously implemented the party's education policy, adhered to the direction of socialist education, and ruled the education according to law; the leadership team united and cooperated in a fair and honest manner, school management norms are standard, the ideological and political construction of the teaching team and the quality of the teaching business continued to improve, with advanced educational concept and pioneering spirit of innovation. The School has made outstanding achievements and played a leading role in comprehensive supervision and evaluation, inspection of education and teaching quality.

1. Overall development is achieved, college entrance examination improves continuously.

A large number of students have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Macau University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other famous universities. In 2017, the college entrance examination reached a new height, admission rate by universities with self-enrollment qualification and the general universities has greatly increased compared with last year. Fan Zhenyu, Fan Enshuai and other four students passed the selection of naval pilots, Wu Rong and Wang Yijiang were enrolled by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Admission to the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts.

2. Classroom teaching reform takes a lead in China

The flipped classes of Changle No.1 Middle School is in a leading position in the country, which has improved the academic performance of the students and promoted the development of educational informatization, the mode has attracted more than 35000 educators from all over the country and to study, and the school was invited to participate in the exhibition of educational Information conference.

On December 3, 2016, the National Flipped Class Academic Seminar and Achievements Exhibition Conference was held in Changle No. 1 Middle School. The conference gathered the top experts, core teams and the basic strength of flipped classroom. It was a high-end seminar, a boutique exhibition, a frontier outlook conference. Han Jun, Deputy Director of the Central Audio-visual Gallery, and other leaders attended the conference.   

3. The unique advantage of school running has opened up a new way for students to serve our country.

The first naval aviation experimental class in China was established in Changle No. 1 Middle School in 2015. The class process went steadily, while in April 2017, it was officially renamed the Naval Youth Aviation School. The school is based on the naval aviation experimental class to continuously improve the naval recruitment. Every year, a large number of students are enrolled to the naval aviation school.

In 2017, the enrollment work of the Naval Aviation Experimental Class was unprecedented, attracting thousands of applications from excellent junior high school graduates with excellent academic performance and excellent quality. In February 2017, Xia Ping, Major General and Deputy Director of the Naval Political Work Department, inspected launch of online physical examination work of the school and to which gave a high evaluation.

4. Experts lead the professional development of teachers and a team of highly qualified teachers is established.

Teacher training program which cooperates with Beijing Normal University has entered the second academic year. The cooperation with Beijing Normal University has adapted to the current curriculum reform and college entrance examination reform, and has greatly improved the school education and teaching quality.

In March 2017, the 2016 Summary Meeting and 2017 Launching Meeting of “Research on Flipped Class Teaching Promoting Core Competence of Students and Development of Key Capabilities” between Beijing Normal University and Shandong Changle No.1 Middle School was formally held at the school, more than 1300 participants presented at the meeting.

Zhang Zhiyong, deputy director of the Education Department of Shandong Province, Professor Wang Lei from Beijing Normal University, Xu Youli, secretary of the Party Committee and head of Weifang Municipal Education Bureau, Bian Hanlin, secretary of the Changle County Party Committee, and Ren Ruicheng, secretary of the Party Committee and head of Changle County Education Bureau, attended the meeting.
5. The achievement of characteristic education is remarkable.

The school focuses on the development of the students' specialties, they stand out in all kinds of  competitions and subject contests. Liu Haini won the first national prize in the National New Concept Composition Competition; two students won the first national prize in the English competency competition.

From last year on, the school has been rated as a national featured school of soccer and a school of national defense education, which has promoted the growth of students, improved the school-running level, and made contributions to the comprehensive improvement of education and teaching quality in Changle County.