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Position details

  • AP ;PE

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  • Numbers:2 Location:Xi'an
  • Position Information

    Xi'an Middle School of Shaanxi Province

    Job Title: 1 AP Math Teacher( Calculus, Statistics)//1 P.E.
    Address:69 Fengcheng Wulu, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    START TIME: Arrival time: August 31
    Job Details
    Teaching Hours per week: Less than 20
    Office Hours per week :8:00am-5:40pm
    Working Days per week :Monday- Friday
    Students’ Age: 15-18
    Class Size:15-25
    Duration of each class:40 min
    Foreign Teachers Requirements
    Native speakers Preferred
    Above Bachelor
    At least 3 yearsTeaching Experience
    Other Requirement
    Contract Length First time: 1 year; Second time: 3 years
    Salary 20000-25000RMB/month depending on background
    Airfare Allowance  10000RMB/academic year
    Apartment allowance: 1500RMB/month
    Over Work Allowance 150/40 MIN
    Holidays Winter holiday-3 weeks; Summer Holiday-7 weeks;
    Paid Holidays   Allowance 3000 /month