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Position details

  • ESL Teacher

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  • Numbers:1 Location:ChangSha
  • Position Information

    A Kindergarten in ChangSha city

    Downtown Area or not? downtown
    Job Details
    Subject To Teach: 3-6 Kids English
    Teaching Hours per week:  17 teaching hours per week
    Class Arrangements hours: 30 mins/class , 4 classes in morning & 3 classes in afternoon
    Text Books/Curriculum: books supplied
    Working Days per week: 5 Days
    Age ranges: 2-6 years old
    Class Size : Up to 25 students per class
    Length of each class: 30 mins
    Foreign Teachers Requirements
    Nationality: native
    Numbers Needed : 1
    required Degree : Bachelor degree or above
    Qualification : English major prefer
    Famale prefer,but male is ok
    Age Limits:22-35 years old
    Teaching Experience:2 years or above or TEFL/TESOL certificate
    Start time:ASAP
    Terms and Compensation of Employment
    Contract Length:One year at least
    Salary : 15-20K ;Pay Date :On the 15th every month
    Airfare Allowance and Pay Date : Yes ,after one year contract
    Apartment Reimburse half according to the rental invoice
    Electric, Water and Internet bill  teacher paid by themself
    Working meals supplied
    Overtime Allowance:yes
    Terms and Compensation of Employment
    All of china public holidays
    Two weeks winter and two weeks summer holidays for no pay
    Insurance : Reimburse after one year contract
    Allowance For Z Visa for teaching -The school will pay for visa in China if the school can do it in the
    regular way.