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Position details

  • ESL Teacher

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  • Numbers:2 Location:Lanzhou
  • Position Information

    University needed an ESL english teacher ASAP,located in Lanzhou city,Gansu Province
    Qualifications required for the Oversea Teachers:
    1.The Bachelor or Master degrees(The highest degree certificate needed and notified by the local embassy of China for consular certification) of English language or literature, translation, linguistic, language teaching, TESOL, TEFL certificate preferred
    2.Working experience of at least two years preferred
    3.Age below 60 with a good health condition
    4.Non-criminal record provided (Non-criminal record certificate needs and notified by the local embassy ofChina for consular certification)
    5.Knowledge about Chinese culture preferred
    6.High spirit of cooperation and great ability of cultural communication and international adaption
    Obligations of the position:
    1.Observe culture, customs and regulations of host country and host university
    2.Weekly workload of 10-14 hours
    3.3.2-3 office hours per week
    4.Necessary involvement of University activities in time of necessity
    Wages, Benefits and Treatment:
    1. Monthly salary of a Bachelor, Master and PhD will be RMB 10000+, 11500+ and 12500+
    2. 2.On-campus accommodation (teacher’s apartment with living room, bedroom, study, kitchenand bathroom), free WIFI, electricity and water during the term of employment
    3. 3.A round-trip flight provided from Lanzhou to home city on a yearly working contract
    4. 4.Insurance covered and resident permit provided on a yearly working contract
    5. 5.Chinese public holidays, and winter and summer vacations stipulated by Lanzhou University ofFinance and Economics
    Documents for application:
    1.Curriculum vitae
    2.A reference letter from one of the previous employers
    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our job position!
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    Wechat: 15210209421