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Position details

  • Academic teachers

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  • Numbers:6 Location:Beijing(大兴)
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    Beijing branch of American School Recuriting ADs 2021
    1 Art Teacher Job Description 
    Minimum Bachelor’s degree that relates to teach subjects: Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Art Education, etc. is required;
    2 Classical Education(Logic, Rhetoric, Thesis) Teacher
    Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in philosophy, history, rhetoric, classical education or related field is required;
    3 Drama Teacher Job Description
    Minimum Bachelor’s degree that relates to teach subjects: Theatre Art, Performance, Drama, Dramaturgy, Visual Art, Design, etc. is required;
    4 English Language & Literature Teacher
    Minimum Bachelor’s degree that relates to teach subjects: English, American or world Literature, etc.
    5 Math and Science Teacher(Bio.&Chem.) Job Description
    Minimum Bachelor’s degree that relates to teach subjects: Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. is required;
    6 Omnibus (History and Literature) Teacher
    Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in history (or related field) is required
    Campus location: Daxiang district,Beijing City
    Start Time: Spring& Fall semester 2021
    Required: Native english foreign teachers with z visa in China。
    Pre-employment and Benefits
    Pre-employment medical check-up: Your employment is subject to passing a
    pre-employment medical check-up at company appointed hospital. If the
    medical check-up result shows your health condition cannot meet the
    requirements of labor law or our company, the offer letter will be cancelled
    immediately without any compensation.
    Health Insurance: provided
    Housing: school provides two bedrooms furnished apartment shared with one
    roommate, management fee and heating fee included. (If come with spouse
    who also works for the school, shared two bedrooms suite.)
    Home trip air ticket: One free China-U.S round trip economy class air
    tickets yearly (mainly at Chinese campus’ summer or winter holiday time),
    will be available after one year of service at school.
    Vacations: All Chinese national public holidays. According to the calendar of
    Chinese campus, the faculty’s summer vacation time begins after one week of
    the students’ vacation start that is in order to prepare to the department term
    summary, and the vacation will be end at one week before the students’ class
    begin that is in order to well arrange works in the following semester.
    Visa/Permits: School to cover full cost of Visa application fees for employee
    (except documents and materials for visa, such as document authentication,
    photo, criminal report, etc.)