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Position details

  • Drama teacher

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  • Numbers:1 Location:Beijing(朝阳)
  • Position Information

    Drama Teacher
    School:Beijing International school
    Location: chaoyang district
    Start time: Feb.2021
    Position Summary
    The Drama Teacher is responsible for creating and implementing an engaging inquiry based drama program in a learning environment that fosters collaboration, innovation,
    and curiosity for the whole-child. The program will follow the requirements of the
    International Baccalaureate Arts Scope and Sequence as well as the Chinese National
    Curriculum standards.
     - Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts or related field * - Master's Degree
    - Qualified Teacher Status or other recognized Teaching Credentials * - Demonstrates successful teaching experiences with a wide range of learners
    - Demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills in teaching drama within the IB framework
    - Integrates educational technology to enrich students' learning
    - Demonstrates knowledge of innovative educational theory and best practices
    - Displays knowledge of child development and the ability to apply knowledge to the
    selection and application of curriculum materials and instructional practices
    - Works effectively with students, parents, teachers
    - Possesses strong organizational and planning skills
    - Experience in designing and organizing whole-school performance events
     Personal & Professional Attributes
     - Maintains a supportive, positive, and professional demeanour
    - Collaborates effectively with colleagues
    - Models organizational values and beliefs
    - Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality
    - Adapts instructional practices to align with evolving students' needs
    - Performs duties effectively and efficiently to support and contribute to high student
    achievement and engagement