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Position details

  • ESL Teacher

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  • Numbers:2 Location:Beijing(顺义)
  • Position Information

    K1-12 International bilingual school
    Location: ShunYi district,Beijing , CN
    Start time: March 25, 2021
    ü Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s degree
    ü Minimum Years’ Experience: 2 years
    ü Native English Homeroom Teacher
    ü Teaching Z visa holder
    JD for Elementary Homeroom Teacher
    · Develop and implement effective learning programs
    · Establish learning objectives and goals clearly
    · Use various methods such as oral presentation, workshops, discussion, etc. for instruction
    · Utilize differentiation strategies to meet the needs of all learners
    · Prepare lesson materials, homework, assignments, etc.
    · Create an interactive classroom environment for students
    · Develop classroom standards to maintain student discipline and behavior based upon Responsive Classroom principles
    · Collaborate with grade level and division teams
    · Create and administer grade level formative and summative assessments
    · Administer standardized, school-wide assessments and participate in collaborative data analysis efforts
    · Evaluate student performance regularly and prepare report cards
    · Communicate regularly with parents on student performance
    · Provide technical guidance and materials to substitute teachers
    · Perform school administrative activities as and when needed
    · Work with colleagues to identify and address student health, behavioral, and learning issues
    · Conduct classes as per the designated schedule
    · Carry out all professional responsibilities outside the classroom, including but not limited to:  supervision, arrival and departure times, field trips, etc.
    · Participate in the staff evaluation process, which includes self-reflection and administrative observations
    If you’re interested in this job and please send your resume and short video to 15210209421@163.com.
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