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Position details

  • ESL & IELTS College Teacher

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  • Numbers:2 Location:Guiyang(贵州)
  • Position Information

    Job title: ESL Foreign teacher of College is needed in Guiyang City
    Job Description:
    Start time:Sep.1st 2021
    Location: Guiyang City,GuiZhou Province(Downtown)
    Student age:18-20
    Work days: Monday to Friday
    Working time::50 A.M.--3:50 P.M.
    Teaching hours 16-18/week
    Class size:40 students/class
    Grade: Freshman, sophomore,Junior
    Job Responsibilitie
    Teachers need teach students English.Meanwhile, teachers should support the job that is selecting and training students and teachers for international exchange programs and relevant competitions (for example, selecting the students for IELTS, be in charge of the training of the IELTS students, and the training of the students who take part in English competitions.).
    Basic Qualifications: Ÿ
    1、Enthuse about education, and love students.
    2、Be able to teach in fluent English with good accent.
    3、Native speaker is preferred; female is preferred; below 35 years old is preferred.
    4、Bachelor’s degree or above
    5、Recommendation letter of Minimum 2 years’ experience of ELA/IELTS teaching after your graduated. Or teaching certificate such as TEFL or TESOL is required;
    7、No criminal records and violated records /background check
    8、Be able to consecutively complete over one entire academic year in China
    9、Pre-employment medical check-up:
    Your employment is subject to passing a pre-employment medical check-up at company appointed hospital.
    Our school/company after on board date will reimburse the expenses. If the medical
    check-up result shows your health condition cannot meet the requirements of
    labor law or our company, the offer letter will be cancelled immediately without any compensation.
    Salary and Benefits:12k/Month
    ü Health Insurance: Hospitalization medical insurance, million medical insurance, accidental injury, accidental death (traffic) (including general accidental injury, death insurance, general outpatient medical treatment, general inpatient medical treatment, major diseases, malignant tumors and other medical insurance)
    ü Housing: A teacher's apartment of 30-60 square meters and not shared( The school will pay 50 RMB for water, 100 RMB for electricity, 50 RMB for internet connection.(Teachers pay for the excess.)
    ü Nearly free breakfast and lunch
    ü Home trip air ticket: 12K allowance, The first trip, before Dec. 2021.The second trip, before Jun. 2022
    ü Vacations: All Chinese national public holidays; Winter holiday Mid-Jan to mid-February ; Summer holiday Mid-July to mid-August (paid for holidays)
    ü Visa/Permits: School to cover full cost of application and processing of Visa
    for employee in China (except costs incurred to prepare Necessary documents like
    photos, criminal record check and etc)
    For more information , please contact: Alice Wu  Wechat ID:15210209421
    Please send your resume,cover letter and at least one minute brief yourself introduction video to 15210209421@163.com.