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Position details

  • ESL Teacher

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  • Numbers:3 Location:XiangTan/ZhuZhou(HuNan Province)
  • Position Information

    School Address:Yuetang District ,Xiangtan City (Junior School Campus),Hunan province
    Downtown Area or not? downtown area
    Job Details
    Position :Oral English teacher for Grade 7 and Grade 8
    Working Days per week 每周工作时间 18--19 lesson (40 mins.for one lesson)
    1.native English speaker (UK, USA, Australia, NZ, Canada )2. Good English Speaker with European nationality
    Numbers Needed所需外教数量 1 employee is needed for the Academic Year (09/2021-----06/2022)
    Degree 学历要求 bachelor degree or above
    Major专业要求 prefer :major in education or pre-school education ,  
    Sex Required性别要求 none
    Age Required年龄要求 22---35
    Arrival time 要求到位时间 around 20th of August ,2021
    Other Requirement 其他要求 We are looking for teachers who have the bachelor of Arts(language ,sports, science education)Love the kids (aged12----15)are passionate ,active ,, communicative ,have strong teamwork and organisational skills.
    Are fully competent with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, with working knowledge of Access.
    相关待遇 Terms of Employment
    Contract Length合同时间 September 1st ,2021--June 30th ,2022
    Salary工资待遇 10K-16k before tax
    Airfare Allowance 机票津贴 8000 RMB for round International Trip
    Travel Allowance 旅游津贴 /
    Insurance保险 Recruiting school buys Insurance (during the contract t time )
    Apartment 公寓情况 apartment containing all necessities
    Utility 水电宽带等由谁支付 utility is paid by the emloyee
    Meals Offered? 是否提供工作餐 meals offered
    Over Work Allowance 超时津贴  allowance for over work
    Holidays 假期 winter vacation, plus National holidays
    Paid Holidays是否享有带薪假期           Yes
    Visa 签证 Recruiting school helps the employees for the working permission entry visa ,working visa and residence visa
    Other Allowance 其他待遇 /
    Fees of visa paid? 签证费用由谁支付 Recruiting school pays fees of working visa and residence visa
    Fees of accommodation paid?住宿费用    由谁支付 Employees pay
    Fees of physical examination paid? 体检费用 由谁支付 Employees pay physical examination