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  • Summer Camp Teacher

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    Business Simulation Summer Camp Job Description - International tutors
    Welcome to join the tutor group of Business Simulation Summer Camp. The project will be launched from July 25th to August 7th in Shanghai, include 2 camps. Each for a week. There are expected to be 4 classes for each camp, and no more than 25 students in each class. Our target customers are from age 9-16, but mostly junior high students. Following is the timetable.Job description on camp.
    1. Before camp: Prepare lessons based on the Teaching Programme and complete Teaching Plan and Teaching PPT.
    2. D1: Join the Opening Ceremony and say hi to all students.
    3. D2-D5:
    a. Choose one from the general courses (as follow) to teach.
    b. Choose one from the career development courses (as follow) to teach.
    4. D5, 19:30-21:30: Stay in the camp to answer questions.
    5. D6-D7: Help to organize the Final Business Competition.
    6. D6-Farewell Party: Say goodbye to students.
    7. D1-D4-22:00: Confirm meeting.