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Position details

  • Chemistry foreign teacher

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  • Numbers:1 Location:Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
  • Position Information

    Job title:Chemistry foreign teacher is needed in an International school
    Job Description:
    Start time:August 2021
    Location:  Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
    Student age:11-18
    Work days: Monday to Friday
    Working time: 40 hours
    Teaching hours 20-24 /week
    Class size:10-20
    Grade: K-12
    Basic Qualifications: Ÿ
    1、Enthuse about education, and love students.
    2、Be able to teach in fluent English with good accent.
    3、Native speaker is preferred.
    4、Bachelor’s degree or above that relates to teach subjects: Economics / Physics / Math /Chemistry / History etc. is required;
    5、Recommendation letter
    Minimum 2 years’ experience of major-related teaching above secondary school after your graduated.
    6、Teaching License issued from any countries’ government or teaching
    certificate such as TEFL or TESOL is required;
    7、No criminal records and violated records /background check
    8、Be able to consecutively complete over two academic year in China
    Salary and Benefits:20000-35000RMB/Month
    ü Travel Allowance 旅游津贴10000RMB per year
    ü Bonus 奖金2 year end of contract bonus
    ü Insurance保险International medical insurance
    ü Apartment 公寓情况2 bedroom apartment provided
    ü Utility 水电宽带等由谁支付Water electricity under teacher’s expense; internet covered by the school
    ü Over Work Allowance 超时津贴 Yes
    ü Holidays 假期Fully paid
    ü Visa/Permits: School to cover full cost of application and processing of Visa
    for employee in China (except costs incurred to prepare Necessary documents like
    photos, criminal record check and etc)
    For more information , please contact: Alice Wu  Wechat ID:15210209421
    Please send your resume,cover letter and at least one minute brief yourself introduction video to 15210209421@163.com.