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Position details

  • Kindergarten Director

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  • Numbers:2 Location:Qingdao
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    Ideal Candidate


    What do you want from a candidate: 3 positive traits. Foreign Subject teachers are core positions in International Department, therefore have to well understand the Mission & the Aim of International Kindergarten.




    1.Understand and be familiar with Montessori's teaching principles and teaching methods.

    2. Responsible for implementing various safety systems in kindergartens to ensure the safety of young children, faculty, and gardens.

    3.Support the norm for the management of the curriculum, conduct business supervision for the subordinates, and continuously improve the quality of the work.

    4.Complete the company's business indicators

    5.Responsible for the management of enrollment.

    6.Responsible for standardizing the implementation of the financial management, responsible for the human resources management, form a good team of talents, promote the stability of the backbone of the workforce.

    7.Do a good job in the administrative management of the kindergarten, Improve various rules and regulations.


    Requirements to teach in China:

    1College degree or above, pre-school education and other related majors

    2Montessori certificate, garden certificate, teacher certificate or relevant qualification required.

    3At least 3 years of international kindergarten director management experience.

    4Excellent professional knowledge, strong ability in teaching and research, and a leading education and teaching concept in the early childhood education industry; strong ability to sort out the daily operational management responsibility process of the kindergarten.

    5Have a certain sense of marketing management and group management awareness.

    Your compensation will include:

    Monthly income:


    · Salary Package: ¥30000-¥35000/month (before tax)

    · Housing: Free Accommodation


    Additional Payments (TBD on placement of schools):


    · Annual Bonus

    · Insurance

    · Public Holiday

    · Sick Leave