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Position details

  • English Teacher

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  • Numbers:9 Location:Jiangxi
  • Position Information

    Recruitment conditions:

    1. Nationality: English-speaking country

    2. Age and gender: 22-45, male or female

    3. Contract period: one-year contract is signed once a year.

    4. Academic qualifications: bachelor degree or above with more than one year of work experience.

    5. Number of recruits: 3 people in the Spring of 2019, requiring entry in March; 6 people in the fall, requiring entry in late August

    Working hours: about 22-25 lessons are arranged for every week, with each lesson lasting 40 minutes and about 15 teaching hours each week. A teacher can take 10-12 classes at most once a week, including office hours of not more than 40 hours every week. In case of extra class hours, the salary will be increased as per RMB 80 Yuan / hour. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    Teaching courses: with fixed textbooks and learning content and teaching assistants

    Student age: 7-16 years old, with 40-50 people per class

    Office hour: 8:00-17:00, require keeping office hours except the class time.


    1. Monthly salary: RMB 11K-18K Yuan after tax, the course beyond the standard working hours will be additionally paid at a rate of RMB 80 Yuan per hour.

    2. Visa processing: The school will be responsible for handling work visas.

    3. Holidays and festivals: 7 days for May Day holiday, October 1 National Day holiday, and Spring Festival respectively, and about 3 months of paid winter and summer vacation with a daily subsidy RMB 50 Yuan.

    4. Weekly rest time: weekends.

    5. Air ticket reimbursement: full reimbursement or air ticket subsidy of 4000-5000 Yuan for one-year contract.

    6. Accommodation: apartments and basic furniture & appliances are available.

    7. Insurance costs: medical and accident insurance for foreigners

    8. Others: If the employee is accompanied by any family member, all the relevant expenses shall be paid by the employee himself/herself.


    Questions about the materials for work permit interview in Iiangxi Province:

    Foreigners are officially required to be aged between 24 and 60

    1. 2 copies of scanned passport information pages

    2. 6 two-inch white or blue background photos

    4. Person English resume

    5. Bachelor degree or above - required for notarization & authentication of their copy

    6. Original copy of two-year work experience certificate /2 years of relevant teaching experience recommendation letter from your own country Or other countries except China (if you have ever worked in China, you can provide the original copy of the two-year work visa or two-year employment permit in China) or at least 120 hours of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate

    7. No criminal record certificate - Notarization & Authentication

    8. Dismissal letter from your previous employer or cancellation letter from the Foreign Experts Bureau.