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Position details

  • ESL Teachers

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  • Numbers:110 Location:Shenzhen
  • Position Information

    The School is a State-owned company that recruits Foreign Teachers for the Education Bureau in Shenzhen, China. We are a qualified company devoted to the professional development of all of our staff and teachers. We have around 300 foreign employees working on our behalf throughout the Shenzhen Area.

    Our main goal is to internationalize education in the public sector and create a relaxed and friendly environment thus enabling students to gain confidence in their spoken English. To ensure our goals are met, we provide monthly professional collaboration sessions that provide an in-depth focus on instructional strategies to meet the learning levels of students and the instructional diversity of our teachers. Visiting our educator's classrooms and providing feedback, guidance and recognition then supports our collaboration sessions. The School is growing and impacting the lives of students in China. We are always looking for great, passionate teachers to add the family.

     We are currently hiring for positions open in February 2019. Please find details below.

    I.General Standard   

    Ideal applicants should be at between 22-55 years old, with a degree and 120 hours TEFL or Teacher Certification from English native speaking countries.

    II.Job status and Vacancy number 

    Kindergarten  (5)

    Primary School  (80)

    Middle School   (20)

    Senior Teacher   (5)


    1) Prepare lessons and teach at assigned school

    2)Join in school activities (including English contest, festival parties, open class, etc.).  

    3)Participate in relevant meetings and educational research activities held by school.  

    4)Other work or activities agreed in contract.

    IV.Other details:

    l Location: Shenzhen, China

    l Starting date: February 15, 2019

    l Working hours: 8am-12pm, 2pm-5:30pm, Monday to Friday  

    l Teaching hours :up to 16 classes per week

    l Average Class size:50 students

    l Student's age:

    Kindergarten (3-5)

    Primary school (6-12)

           Middle school (13-18)



    V.Employment terms and benefits

    The employment term is from February 15, 2019 to January 15,2020

    Monthly salary is 12,000-15,000 RMB

    Accommodation included or receive RMB3000 (before tax) housing allowance.

    Flight allowances of RMB8000.

    Up to 3000 performance bonus at the end of each semester.

    Fully paid during the winter holiday.

    Work Visa (Z) and Residence Permit

    Accidental Insurance and National Social Insurance

    CIPTC offers free Chinese class once a week and professional development training once a month. CIPTC will organize a site-seeing activity every month.


    VI.Required Documents for Application

    1) Detailed Resume (should include contact details, education background and work experience)

    2) Degree

    3) Teacher Certification, or TEFL certificate

    4) Copy of Passport

    5) Background Check

    6) Health Report

    7) Passport sized photo

    8) Copy of Passport

    NOTE: Degree and background check need to be notarized by the Notary Public Office and then be authenticated by a Chinese Embassy/Consulate. The TEFL or teaching certificate needs to be notarized. If applicants have more than 2 years of full-time teaching experience then they don’t need to have their teaching certificate notarized, relevant recommendation letters required instead.