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TIC International Exchange Program for Chinese and Foreign Teachers

Dong Songshou, Secretary-general of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy International Education Professional Committee

On May 10th, at the invitation of James Wang, president of TIC, Mr. Dong Songshou came to TIC to guide the work and conducted a seminar.

James Wang and the entire team of TIC Foreign Education Department expressed their warm welcome to Dong Songshou's visit and introduced the basic situation of TIC and the prospects of the introduction of foreign teachers. Dong expressed his strong support for the process and layout of TIC's internationalization cooperation, and will do his best to work with TIC on the talent introduction and the internationalization of Chinese education. The seminar was very successful. During the period, Dong and the team of the TIC Foreign Education Department conducted detailed communication and exchange of views. He gave high praise to TIC's current professional high standard service.As for the program of international exchange and cooperation on Chinese and American teachers, Dong gave high priority to its steady advancement. He hoped that both sides can maintain close communication on the sustainable development of introducing foreign teachers.