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China Official Public Holidays

1.元旦 New year’s day for 1 day
On this day, people celebrate the arrival of the New Year.
2.春节 Spring Festival for 3 days
When the Spring Festival is coming, people usually play fireworks and make dumplings to celebrate.
3.清明节 Tomb-Sweeping Dayfor 1 day
A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is going to break on his way.
4.端午节  Dragon Boat Festival for 1 day
During the holiday of Dragon Boat Festival,people often ate the ZongZi. And saw the Dragon Boat Races, also drank regular wine. Some people thought drank regular wine can protect themselves from illness.
5.五一国际劳动节 International labor day for 1 day
6.中秋节 Mid-autumn Festival for 1 day
During the Mid-autumn Festival, Chinese people usually admire the moon and eat mooncakes.
7.国庆节 National day for 3 days

Other very traditional festival,but no leave  
元宵节 Lantern Festival
During the Lantern Festival, we go to the Confucius Temple and enjoy various lanterns.
七夕  Double Seventh Festival/Day
The Double Seventh Festival, on the seventh day of seventh lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance.
重阳节 Doube Ninth Festival/Day
In recent times, the Double Ninth Day has become an occasion to pay respect to the old.
教师节 Teachers’ day
腊八节 The laba Rice Porridge Festival

Beijing TIC Holiday Notice:
From January 23 to January 30 are off,We will be open on January 31.
Happy Chinese spring festival holidays!