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A Letter to Foreigners in China

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has taken great measures to prevent and control the epidemic in a scientific and law-based manner. Currently the situation is turning better on the whole. In the past fewdays, however, the world has seen a continuous increase in terms of new cases of COVID-19 and the number of affected countries, which causes much concern.

As we all know that viruses know no borders. No matter where you’re from, it is a shared responsibility for you with us to fight and contain the COVID-19.Earth, is our shared home. We should stand together and fight together to keep our home safe and sound. We here by propose the following five initiatives.

1.Before you arrive in China, please inform your health conditions, arrival time and itinerary to the unit that invites you, the enterprise that employs you or the community where you stay, so that they can make necessary arrangement for you in advance.

2. When you arrive in China, please fill in the health registration card as required, truthfully provide your health conditions and valid contact information, and follow the prevention and control measures such as temperature detection, certificate inspection, and medical observation conducted by relevant local government departments.

3. In case you’re under medical observation, no matter at home or at centralized quarantined spot, please raise your self-protection awareness, wear masks correctly, wash hands frequently, ventilate your room regularly, and maintain good hygiene habits. The relevant costs of medical observation at centralized quarantined spot will be borne by yourself, and your employer or the local government where you stay will provide necessary assistance and services during that period.
If you have such symptoms as fever, cough and fatigue,and/or anything abnormal, please dial “120” in time, and the emergency center will arrange an ambulance to pick you up to the nearest fever clinic for observation and treatment. If you have any questions on the prevention and control of the COVID-19, please dial our hotline “12320”.

4. When your physical condition is normal after the period of medical observation, a proof to certify that you have completed the observation period will be issued, by your employer or the local government and the medical observation measures will be removed.

5.Please follow closely relevant notices related to the epidemic issued by National Health Commission.

Over the past years, foreigners in China have made outstanding contributions to China’s economic construction, social development and international friendly exchange sand cooperation, which we were, we are and we will keep in mind. The above-mentioned measures, are emergency measures in such an emergency times and we need your understanding and cooperation.

No winter of mountains is insurmountable, and no spring of brightness will not fall on the earth. Join hands and the future will be a better one!