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Part-time Jobs Allowed for Some Foreigners Now: Recent Notice

Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs recently released "Notice on Further Improvement of Online Approval for Foreigner’s Work Permit in China (Version 4.0) to Attract Foreign Talents".     
Allow foreign scientific and technological talents working in Shanghai to find part-time jobs  
Only foreigners who have a Foreigner's Work Permit in China and are qualified as "foreign scientific and technological talents may work part-time in China.
The part-time jobs shall be related to their full time ones. The employers shall submit such application (templates are available at " Form Sheet under " Work Permit for Foreigners Working in China at http //www.sgst.cn/zt/wzck) 
based on the approval of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)
Foreign scientific and technological talents who are not up to the standards for Foreign High-end Talents (Category A) and who are hired by creditworthy employers shall follow a “Notice + Pledge” system for those with no criminal record.
To be specific, foreign scientific and technological talents directly sign on the Application Form for Foreigner’s Work Permit in China, and make the commitment that “I have no criminal record in China or abroad”.
By the way, Certificate of no criminal record is not required for foreign scientific and technological talents