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"Stay Visa can be Extended for Multiple Times" Policy Will End..

Due to the epidemic, many foreign friends are staying in China with stay visas (T visa), and they apply for visa extension every month. So they are also worried about when this "stay visa can be extended for multiple times" policy will end.
The Current Policy Trend
Due to the effective control of the epidemic, international flights have gradually resumed. Now the policy about stay visa (T visa) extensions, business visa (M visa) extensions, travel visa (L visa) extensions will be gradually tightened and cannot be extended indefinitely. 
It is estimated that the original policy will be restored next month which means approval duration of visa extension is reduced or the extension application is not approved, and overstaying will face fines and leave a bad record.
What should we do?
We suggest here that foreign friends should be prepared for the restoration of this policy. You can have two options which are to exit China on time or  apply for a residence visa.
Residence visas include: family residence visa, work residence visa and student residence visa. We suggest our foreign friends can apply for the work residence visa. 
Requirements for the Application:
You need to have your own company or be hired by a Chinese company, and you need to prepare the following application materials:
1. Digital ID photo
2. Passport
3. Original Education certificate (needs to be notarized by the embassy)
4. Original No Criminal Certificate (needs to be notarized by the embassy
5. Original work experience certificate (at least 2 years or above)
6. Medical report
7. Other documents required by the government