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How Can Foreigners over 60 Get Visas in China?

According to recent inquiries, many elder foreigners are worrying about their visas in China because foreigners who are over 60 years old can hardly get a common work visa (for employment) in China.    
We’ve summed up FOUR ways to get visas in China for foreigners above 60 years old.
We suggest that foreigners over 60 years old apply for permanent residence in China before they leave their jobs.
There is no nationality restriction for entering and leaving China, and there is no need to apply for an additional visa for permanent residence holders.
There are multiple methods to apply for permanent residence in China. For specific details, please click HERE.
Basic requirements for permanent residence in Shanghai (work type)600K annual salary (normally lower in other cities)
120K annual tax
Work in Shanghai for no less than 4 consecutive years while staying in China for at least 6 months per year.
2 Registering a company and ensure legal operations.
The applicant will be able to apply for a work visa as the legal representative of the company and get a residence permit.
Subscribed capital 500K — 1M RMB needs to be paid within the validity period. (The validity period for a business license is about 30 — 40 years.)
With sufficient operation evidence, applicants can apply for extensions of visas annually. (Include but not limit to tax invoice, tax records, service contract, labor contract.)
At least one Chinese employee must be hired and his/her social insurance must be paid in full within the first year of the registration.
Health insurance must be purchased if the applicant is above 60 years old.
3Getting residence permits for reunions (family visit)
If you have foreign family members (spouse or children) in Shanghai, you can transfer your residence permit for work to residence permits for reunions.
If you have Chinese family members in Shanghai (with a Shanghai Hukou or residence permit), you can transfer your residence permit for work to residence permits for reunions.
Certified proof of family relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate, etc.) is required.
4 Getting residence permits for personal matters (property purchase)
Chinese with foreign nationality who have reached the age of 60 and bought a property in Shanghai can apply for residence permits for personal matters (property purchase).
*The prerequisite for purchasing a property is to have paid social security and taxes in Shanghai for at least one year in full.